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Research, teaching, protection of maritime heritage

24 March 2020
The annual meeting 2021 of DEGUWA e.V. on Underwater Archaeology
with the topic

Safety and Waterways

will be held in close cooperation with the
LVR-Archäological Park Xanten / LVR-RömerMuseum
from May 3, 2021 through May 10, 2021 in Xanten

Call for Papers

International Underwater Archaeology Conference
IN POSEIDON'S REALM XXV, 12th - 17th February 2020 in Frankfurt/Main

REGISTRATION FORM for participans. Further information below.

Here is the current PROGRAM for the conference.

Our conferecne hotel will be the Hotel Monopol:

Rooms can be bocked via the online booking form. If you do your reservation between December 15, 2019 and January 29, 2020, you will receive a 10% discount together with the booking code "DEGUWA" on the hotel room you have selected.

After entering the booking code, the total price including the discount appears.

Information regarding public transportation you will find here:

RMV informationes

RMV taxes

RMV route map

The museum ticket which entitles your free admission to the museums of the city of Frankfurt during the durance of the conference plus a day before and a day after, is available as follows: Prior to the official registration on February 14, 2020, at 6.30 p.m., you may pick up the museum ticket directly at the museum box office of the AMF, showing your ID card. Otherwise, you receive your museum ticket together with your conference registration.

The new edition of Skyllis has been published:

Table of contents:

Amphoras of Asia Minor, 800-100 B.C. Progress and Challenges
Mark L. Lawall

Transportamphoren als Zeugnisse des antiken Lebens Möglichkeiten und Grenzen einer Keramikgattung
Marek Palaczyk

Transport amphoras as interlinks in the ancient world
Nikoline Sauer

Petrological Analysis of Amphorae A Methodological Perspective
Ian K. Whitbread

Clays, Amphoras and Workshop Locations of Ancient Rhodes
Lisa Betina, Stella Skaltsa

Minding and Fillig the Gaps Exploring the Production, Technology and Trade of Koan Amphorae during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
Viktoria Georgopoulou, Anno Hein, Dimitris Grigoropoulos

A note on the so-called fabricants of Knidian amphorae
John Lund

Archaic Amphorae from Taxiarchis Hill, Didyma
Alexandra Ch. J. von Miller

Amphorae from Priene Current State of Research and Perspectives
Lars Heinze

Transport Amphorae in Pergamon - International, Regional, Local?
Sarah Japp

Past and Future Adventures of the Pergamon Deposit
Anneke Keweloh-Kaletta, Nicole Neuenfeld

Lokale Keramikproduktion in Elaia und ein neuer Typ der Late Roman Amphora
Güler Ateş

Petrographic Analysis of Amphorae from the Eastern Aegean in Pannonia Preliminary Results
Anna Andrea Nagy, György Szakmány, Piroska Magyar Hárshegyi

Roman to Early Byzantine Amphoras from Miletus (Turkey) Archaeological and Archaeometric Research
Nico Schwerdt

No Fear of Amphoras!
The Current State of Processing Amphoras from Humeitepe/Miletus
Sabine Huy

Die Amphoren aus dem Grottenheiligtum am Osthang von Pergamon Überlegungen zu Chronologie und Konsumptionspraxis
Benjamin Engels

Tools for the Identification and Study of Amphoras: Databases, Corpora, and Catalogues
Gerald Finkielsztejn

Indices of contents of the volumes are available in our online-archive. You can get the skyllis by a subscription or a DEGUWA membership. For subscribing or ordering a single issue, please fill in the SKYLLIS order form and send it via post to the given address.

Review of "In Poseidon's Realm XXIV"

1. The abstracts with all contributions

2. the report of the conference, written by Luisa Goldammer, Anne-Kathrin Piele, Thomas Reiser and Anja Rutter

3. more photos are available here.

The NAS – DEGUWA Partnership is as strong as ever
Report by NAS Education Officer Peter Knott

The Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterwasserarchäologie e.V. (DEGUWA) was one of the Nautical Archaeology Society’s (NAS) first International Training Partners and several decades later these two organisations are still working together to promote and protect underwater archaeology.

This was recently demonstrated at the DEGUWA conference ‘In Poseidon’s Realm XXIV’ held in Bodrum Turkey in April 2019 when NAS ran a tutor information session about their International Education Programme. This presentation, by the NAS’s Education Officer Peta Knott, was well attended and half the audience comprised enthusiastic DEGUWA members and tutors. They were all keen to hear about the recently revised Education Programme in the United Kingdom to see if it would be of use to their organisation. Since first becoming International Training Partners, DEGUWA have been teaching interested divers a German version of the NAS syllabus. These recreational divers have been trained in practical archaeological skills that allow them to carefully record underwater sites paired with a theoretical understanding of why it is important that these wrecks are preserved. Without these citizen scientists, it would not be possible to investigate and protect the vast number of underwater sites that are part of all our heritage.

Into the future, it looks like these underwater sites are in good hands, with DEGUWA tutors keen to update their training programme and make it available to as many divers as possible. And so the DEGUWA – NAS partnership will continue as they work together to provide quality archaeological training for divers and opportunities for them to record and protect our collective underwater cultural heritage.

DEGUWA Conference visiting Bodrum

On the occasion of the international conference "In Poseidon's Realm XXIV. Contact Zones: Archaeology between Water and Land, Coasts, Lake and River Shores" (10 – 14 April 2019), the delegations of the event partners DEGUWA, Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis, City of Bodrum and Dokuz Eylül University Izmir had been welcomed by Mr. Ahmed Aras, Mayor of the City of Bodrum, in the Bodrum town hall.

During the following discussion, the newly elected Mayor caught up on the content of the conference, underwater archaeology in general and the protection of the underwater cultural heritage. Further discussion topics were inter alia the importance of the cultural heritages Maussolleion and the „Pater Historiae“ Herodotos for Bodrum.

Jointly, the attendees agreed that the important cultural heritage of the city and the surrounding area should be conveyed better towards the public. The conference would make a contribution thereto.

(Reference to the Turkish article on our conference in Arkeolojk Haber.)

Will the Federal Foreign Office create the ratification of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage by 2019?
Read the conference report by Anne Kathrin Piele on the "Underwater Cultural Heritage Forum. International Forum on Heritage under Water" on 4 December 2018 at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

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