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Research, teaching, protection of maritime heritage

26 May 2024

Reviewing IPR XXIX in Bregenz (8 to 12 May 2024)


Protection of the underwater cultural heritage ist more urgent than ever!
panel discussion


"Protection of the underwater cultural heritage ist more urgent than ever!
Panel discussion on the occasion of the conference "In Poseidon's Realm XXVIII" on the topic "Protecting the underwater cultural heritage - a challenge"
Peter Winterstein
Nachruf auf Olaf Höckmann
Christoph Börker – Peter Winterstein
The Location of the Coastline of the Northern Anchorage Area of Caesarea
during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Periods
Ofra Barkai – Roy Jaijel – Jacov Sharvit – Beverley Goodman-Tchernov
Ein außergewöhnlicher Fund: das Schiffswrack bei Kap Franina
Luka Bekic – Maja Kaleb – Roko Suric – Zdenka Vrgoc
What was the Function of Hillforts on the Sea Routes of the Eastern Adriatic ?
Jelena Celebic
Changing Landscapes and Early Maritime Crossings
The Case of the Northern Aegean Area
Areti Chalkioti – Vasiliki Ivrou
Nautical Landscapes of the Kupa River in Croatia
Anton Divic
Searching for the Oldest Submerged Settlement of the Aegean on the Island
of Agios Petros in Alonnisos, Greece
Nikos Efstratiou – Andreas Sotiriou – Olga Koukousioura – Panagiotis Tokmakidis – Cathy Giangrande
New Insights into the Siege of Motya
and the Environment and Extent of the Battle at the Lo Stagnone Lagoon
Max Fiederling – Ronja Fink – Francesca Oliveri
The Journeys of Apostle Paul as a Medium for Religious Expansion
Luisa Goldammer
Ammunition on Wrecks
Researching Militar Wrecks in the German Bight
Philipp Grassel
Nine Millenia of Geographical and Historical Changes of the Eastern
Mediterranean Coast, Illustrated by ‘Maritime Apollonia’
Eva Grossmann
Widening the Scope
The Zomia Concept as an Approach to Integrate Non-Spaces and Their Occupants in the
Roman Empire
Pascal Hoffmann
The New Exhibition Hall for the Underwater Archaeology of the Eastern Black
Sea Coast at the Batumi Archaeological Museum, Georgia
Emzar Kakhidze – Teona Zoidze
Submerged Heritage – Diving into the Istrian Underwater
Ida Koncani Uhac
Modern Era Underwater Finds in the Holdings of the Archaeological Museum of Istria
Aleksandra Mahic Sinovcic
A Harbourless Sea?
Harbours and the Maritime Cultural Landscape of the Hellenistic and Roman Aegean
Ioannis Nakas
A Bronze Age Shipwreck Deposit in the Gulf of Hisarönü, Turkey:
Preliminary Results
Harun Özdas
Im Mahlstrom der Geschichte
Schiffswracks, Wrackteile und Strandgut im Nordfriesischen Wattenmeer
Daniel Zwick

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